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Starbuck/Apollo Holiday Flashfiction

Starbuck/Apollo Holiday Flashficathon
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Kara/Lee Holiday Flashficathon 2010
So let's bullet point what this is all about
  • Flashfic! Short fiction! Written in a short period of time! I'm going to say minimum of 500 words so we have a decent chunk of fic. Wanna write more? That's totally fine too!
  • Holidays! We don't really know what holidays they celebrate in BSG. We know Colonial Day, Mars Day exist, but other than that we're clueless. Have fun, make something up, play with traditions, but the holiday in specific isn't the idea. It's more the... overall feel of a holiday. A time to relax a little, celebrate a little, drink a little (?)
  • Kara and Lee! Starbuck and Apollo! This is for the shippers guys. We don't necessarily need to have schmoop or fluff or gooey things (but you know, totally not frowning on it.) If you wanna write angst, angst is fine (but is it really in keeping with the holidays? Well... I guess that depends)
  • December! The challenge ends when the new year starts! I'm not going to be in the country to officially close things at that moment, plus I assume most of you will be drinking champagne (or ambrosia) or something. :). So knock yourselves out!
That's about the it!