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Holiday Blues

Title: Holiday Blues
Author: rayruz 
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~750
Characters/Pairing: Kara/Lee
Prompt: I hate the holidays, not you
Summary: Kara seems down in the dumps, Lee tries to cheer her up.
Author's Note: AU, established relationship. 

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Happy December, everybody. (Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate it! First night, first light!) 

How To Submit Fic
-DO NOT POST FIC IN THIS ENTRY. Despite being battle-style, every fic gets it's own entry.
-Click "Post to this Community" at the top of your screen
- Use this header
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Author's Note
-Post your fic UNDERNEATH A CUT
-You MAY do a fakecut to a fic posted at your own journal, just make sure we can all access it! 
-Fics do not have to be long, but should be more than 500 words
-You have until December 31st to post your fics! The ficathon ends when the New Year begins!

Prompt List!
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Questions? Comments?

Good Hunting Ficcing!
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Tis the season to PROMPT fanfic!

Unlike other ficathons, where you sign up and such, this community is much looser and runs more like a fic battle than anything else. Why I didn't think to call it a fic battle is a baffling question and one I do not have the answer to so don't bother asking! 

Anyways. THIS is the prompt thread fo 2010! All prompts should go here. NO FICS however, should be posted here. Fics are not going to be posted until DECEMBER 1st! I'll post a prompt masterlist on November 30th/December 1st... in that general time, along with instructions for posting fic! 

Remember, this year's theme is holidays aboard Galactica. Prompts do not necessarily have to follow this theme, but it would be nice if they did.

There are two categories for prompt-Keywords, Plot prompts. Keywords should be no longer than 6 words. Plot prompts can be a few sentences with a general idea for a story. ALSO you may post multiple prompts in a comment, but please do so on separate lines.

REMEMBER! Part of Holidays Aboard Galactica is that we're welcome to fics about other characters, as long as Kara and Lee figure into it in some way. Remember, most of the people here are K/L fans... K/S and L/D probably won't be well recieved.

Keyword- Stocking stuffers
Keyword- The last mistletoe in the universe
Keyword- Snowflake
Plot idea- Kara and Lee's first winter on New Caprica, Kara made a different choice during UB. How do they celebrate?

Eh, not the best, but you get the idea. Prompt away my little elves! Prompt away!
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We only had one entry for our banner challenge so this lovely entry by ninjamonkey73  will be our new header for this year! 

Icon voting! These lovelies were all made by scifishipper  but we still need an official comm icon so vote away! 

1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. Photobucket4. Photobucket

Which icon should be the official community icon

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Graphics Reminder

Hey all! :)

Just a reminder, we're five days into November and as of yet have NO graphics entries. :( Makes me a sad cookie. Hopefully you all will find some time with the upcoming weekend and all that! 

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Poll For 2010 Season Participation!

Poll #1639357 Aw man, holidays already?

Y HALO THAR! Where did you come from?

I was a member during 2009
I joined K/L fandom in 2010
I'm not a K/L fan primarily, but I'm here!
I got lost on my way to the cylon party.

Now that you're here, are you going to participate? (select all that you will do)

I'm going to write fic
I'm going to read fic
I'm going to prompt for fic
I'm going to promote the community
I'm going to make icons/headers/wallpapers
I can't write or make icons, but I'll find some other way to spread the holiday/pilots joy
Nothing! (Well bah humbug to you too, Scrooge.)

Any kind of discussion questions you want to see?

All I want for the holidays is...

Lee naked in my rack
Kara naked in my rack
Lee and Kara naked in my rack
To know where Papadama is hiding the toothpaste